Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Video marketing: why should you use videos as a marketing tool?

Videos are everywhere. The social networking sites feature videos that help individuals introduce themselves to a large audience. One can find on YouTube, for example,  any kind of video from anyone and anywhere in the world. Videos offer the visual component that lacks in blogs. Just as we love to watch movies, so we do love to watch a tutorial, a motivational speaker and just about anyone who has something of value to say.

Businesses must take advantage of the online videos to promote themselves and their products in an effective manner. Here are a few reasons why videos posted online make for an important marketing tool:

  • You can put a face to your company through videos. Don’t be shy, let the world know who you are and what your values are all about. Take the time to introduce yourself, your dreams and goals. In doing so, you become close to your clients and show that your company is all about human interaction;
  • Make yourself heard, literally. A voice is a powerful tool. Sure, we can all read blogs or ads, but don’t we all prefer to hear someone’s voice or see someone’s face while informing us of what we need to know? Your message will find its way to your audience if you are not afraid to say it out loud. Be honest and open; speak plainly and to the point. Or be witty and funny. Ultimately, it is all about you, your personality and the image you want to create for your company, so make yourself heard;
  • Videos help your public visualize your offer. Whatever your company’s profile, the public will be quicker to respond if you let them see what it is you are all about. For example, you have a homemade soap business and claim your soaps are all natural, then make a video to offer a glimpse into your manufacturing process. Always show what is behind the scenes, behind the final product. There is nothing better than a video to portray transoarency and show your company’s values
  • Videos help you grab attention and entertain your audience and potential clients. Show your creativity. A video does not have to be dull and simply informative. Be creative, play with your imagination and let your ideas flow into the video-making process. Here is a chance to be different. Use music, old footage, interesting images—anything that goes well with what you’re promoting;
  • Finally, videos are a way for you to be everywhere and in contact with anyone. Due to sharing opportunities, a video can be posted and reposted on Facebook, YouTube, and many other popular sites. This will ensure that your company will have a large public to address. And this is why you want your video to be as interesting as possible. One person – called influencer, can help your company reach a wider audience by pushing your video virally if only you know how to get that one person’s attention.

Be in contact with the world, answer you public’s questions and comments. Never forget to always follow up and reply to whatever feedback you get. It’s not all about making a great video, it is also about not letting it die out—maintain its popularity by communicating with the public. And never ever make just one video. As with everything in social media, you want to keep the public interesting and more videos means greater coverage.