Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

No Revenue Share for the Lousy

I am getting bombarded with offers from companies willing to share revenue with us in exchange of promoting their product or service to our clients. There are, in my mind, only two types of products or services: the good ones, and the lousy ones! Sharing revenue with a successful organization in exchange of promotion does not compensate for a sub-standard product or service.

Carrying another businessThe business market in United States is so big that allows for great companies to run shoulder to shoulder with bad ones. The race usually filters out the pros from the fakes, but somehow the process repeats itself over and over again. It’s like you’re an athlete working and training hard for a distance run (you want your company to be in business and make a buck for many years, right?) but you have a few folks running next to you who have never trained but are trying hard to cut you off and even stick an elbow or two in your ribs. You keep running, pushing forward, and they are left behind eventually but guess what? There are others jumping in the race out of the blue sky, trying their best to stop you and steal the race from you.

Revenue sharing  you say? That’s just like asking me to carry you on my back for the rest of the long distance race by promising to share the victory prize with me. You must be kidding! What part would be mine from sharing the revenue generated by a lousy product or service? How much is half of the lousy?

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