Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Customer Analytics for Dummies – IBM Limited Edition

Customer Analytics for DummiesAs business owner you need to leverage any opportunity to get valuable information about your business and ways to improve its processes. It is hard to find a business that does not need an internet presence. You want your business to be successful so you have probably invested in building a good website and (hopefully) a great social media presence. Many people are using the internet to find your business, research for details on your products and services and, depending on the type of business, even make the purchase online.

One of the most powerful advantages of using internet is the opportunity to gather a lot of useful information about your potential customers, analyze their behavior and purchase intent and tweak the process to enhance its effectiveness and improve your bottom line. But this is true only provided that you are using ways go gather data, analyze it and squeeze business intelligence out of it.

The first step in building a powerful data-related process is to implement customer analytics n your website. Here is a great resource to help you get started, offered by IBM: “Customer Analytics for Dummies.” This 51 pages limited edition document is published by Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and offered by IBM. Use this book to learn how to acquire new customers, grow customer lifetime value, retain customers at risk of defection, and enhance customers loyalty and advocacy.

Here is what you will find in this eBook:

  • Understanding customer analytics
  • Aquiring and segmenting valuable customers
  • Recognizing customer lifetime value
  • Enhancing customer loyalty and retention
  • Extracting value out of social media
  • Ten key ways to get started with customer analytics

Enhance your business, leave your competitors behind and improve your bottom line by using customer analysis powered by predictive analytics. Read this book to learn how to capture and align disparate data, anticipate what the customer is likely to do next, and puts it into action.

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