Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Facebook Changes Newsfeed Algorithm to Increase Engagement

Facebook changes newsfeed algorithm

Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm suffered a change recently. The newer version of the newsfeed rolled out toward the end of January 2014 shows less text status updates from business pages and more text-based status updates from friends.

The switch in the weight allocated to different types of status updates is based on the continuous effort made by Facebook to increase engagement (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and provide a more visual and compelling experience to the newsfeed. First to be demoted are the text-only status updates, the spammers’ preferred tool. Showing less text-only status updates in the news feed is probably not bad.

On the other hand, link-share posts will be pushed higher on the hierarchy. The reason lies in the way people interact with such posts. Research showed that people preferred more the status updates where links were not explicitly included, and interacted more with the messages where links were removed. Do not worry though, removing the link after you typed it or copy-pasted it in the post will still show the image pulled by Facebook and the web connection. The image and the description are still clickable.

Amy Porterfield wrote a great article on what these changes in Facebook’s news feed algorithm mean and offers some good tips on how to cope with the changes. TechCrunch has also posted a good overview of the changes, along with some tips for Facebook page administrators.

Don’t panic, there are still a fundamental way to be successful on Facebook and make the news feed algorithm work in your favor. Post interesting content, include many visual elements (pictures, videos) and strive to be great. Respect your audience and always adapt your message and voice to the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your fans.