Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

CircleCount – Free Social Media Marketing Tool to Monitor Your Effectiveness on Google Plus

CircleCountAre you truly effective on Google Plus? CircleCount is a tool we recommend for measuring the network effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts on Google Plus.

One interesting aspects related to using Google plus is that search engines treat posts as any other web page on the internet. Google does that, anyway, offering page ranks and position in search results. Combine that with the authorship feature promoted by Google and the power to build effective communities and you get the feeling of the full power Google Plus has earned in the social media realm.

Measurement is one of the most important aspects of every marketer’s efforts. Maintaining a good presence on Google Plus requires time and advanced knowledge. With complexity comes the chance of missing the target and wasting resources and this is where CircleCount makes it’s entrance.

CircleCount is a free social media tools that allows you to measure the performance and effectiveness of your efforts t build influence on Google plus. CircleCount tracks your circles and shows you the most active, most followed, and most influential people on Google Plus. CirlcleCount provides a great number of statistics, including the highest ranking profiles, pages and communities, the posts that are the most reshared, and which receive the most plus ones.

For more details on the valuable features offered by CircleCount read this article published by Steve Rayson on Watch this video for a brief and clear explanation of the social media marketing platform features and visit CircleCount web site: