Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

#NewKlout to Help People Improve Influence Score

Klout introduced #NewKlout, its newer version of their influence score. The new version helps people not only measure the influence, but also increase it. Klout team took into consideration the conclusions most of the social media experts agreed upon: the best way to increase your influence and make an impact online is to share great content.

Klout - The Influence Score Platform

Klout – The Influence Score Platform

To help people improve their influence score, Klout has stepped into content discovery. According to Kout’s statement, the new algorithm takes into consideration your fans and followers and makes recommendations for interesting content. You may need to tweak the settings before getting the perfect recommendations to help you improve the influence score. At least that’s what Hobspot’s Ginny Soskey recommends after testing the #NewKlout.