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Identity-Based Marketing and Media


75% of marketers say their organizations and tech stacks are not set up to provide an integrated customer experience across media channels and devices as a result of poor Cross-Device Identification (XDID). Almost all marketers indicate they are in the market for high-quality XDID solutions, but do not have the confidence to make a choice. The future is now as XDID allows you to deliver a more relevant customer experience that engages today’s connected consumers.

Are you ready to take the next step?

DMA will be featured at Advertising Week revealing early tools and insights from our XDID project to help you elevate your XDID “IQ” with a three-part workshop where you will:

  • discover the benefits and risks of different XDID approaches
  • collaborate with other marketers, agencies, publishers and solution providers to learn the business value of XDID
  • learn the questions needed to make informed XDID service provider decisions
  • weigh in on future standards for responsible XDID data management

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Marketing Goals Template for 2014

Marketing PlanThe marketing plan is one of the most important components of the recipe for success for any small business. Don’t you agree that writing a marketing plan is a daunting task? Writing a marketing plan is not enough, though. You have to write a good marketing plan if you want to offer your business a chance to get in front of most competitors.

The easiest way to make sure you cover all the important marketing aspects is to follow a guideline. Even better, you can come up with a good plan by starting with a template. This is what Hubspot has decided to offer and this is what this blog post is all about: an invitation to download Hubspot’s time-tested marketing goals template for 2014.

This marketing plan will make it easier for you to:

  • Summarize your ultimate marketing goal
  • Automatically calculate your greatest marketing need
  • Set a deadline for meeting your 2014 goals

Hubspot has also decided to throw in a few goodies: a quick overview of what other successful business owners have planned and prioritized for their marketing efforts for 2014. Set your business on the path to success with this free marketing goals template for 2014!

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5 Digital Trends with Significant Impact on Marketing Strategies

5 Digital Marketing TrendsThe job of marketing a business is more complex than ever. You have to do more with less and innovate for long term momentum while staying on top of ever-changing business and consumer trends. The following 5 digital trends have serious strategic implications for every business owner or brand marketer.

1. Media fragmentation – according to a recent Edison report, there are 256 million U.S. users on TV, 243 million on radio, 232 million on the Internet, with record numbers of people adopting smart phones and tablets. We live in an age of multimedia consumption. People are using more devices across a common set of platforms to do more things than ever. Give digital consumers opportunities to purchase from you by distributing content across as many types of media and platforms as your budget can allow.

2. Content Marketing is the king – valuable free content attracts and converts prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. Content marketing allows you to build an audience that builds your business. It allows you to offer your customers what they need to know, and deliver it in a relevant and compelling way and thus build trust. Research identified the three types of content that work best for marketers:

a. Social posts and updates – use social channels to push content on those online venues where so many people spend countless hours every day of the week;

b. E-newsletters – can help you deliver timely, topical content, tailored to people’s area of interest;

c. News and blog posts – provide a focal point of themed content while helping build organic traffic through SEO.

3. Facebook dominates social media channels. Despite, or maybe because the many recent changes made by Facebook, more people and companies are adopting it as the social media marketing platform of their choice. The increased rate of adoption is justified by these three new elements with impact on social media marketing:

a. Branded content in the news feed – most people interact with company pages through their newsfeeds, not by visiting the page. Increase interaction between your branded content and potential consumers by posting more visual and interesting yet relevant insights about your company.

b. Hashtags – brands that use hashtags in their posts may have slightly higher reach than brands that don’t use them. Implementing them will also create the opportunity to advertise directly to users who have used or clicked on a particular hashtag.

c. Graph search – a simple search like “people who like <name of your business page> and…” unleashes endless marketing possibilities for your business.

4. Twitter becomes more popular – Twitter is a much bigger platform than most people give it credit for, and marketers should be the first to recognize its hidden potential. Tweets from the audience are used by TV stations reporting the news, Discovery channel, entertainment industry, just to name a few. Tweets are quoted on the radio or incorporated within websites. An overwhelming majority of people have been exposed to Twitter via multimedia consumption.

5. SEO through quality, personality, and social voice – the latest Google algorithm updates are changing dramatically the way websites are ranked in search engines. No longer is Google valuing the freshness of content more than its quality. A website can rank better than its competitors if it offers quality content that stands out through unique personality. Brands need web content that is not a mere copy of the same information found on other websites. Quality, uniqueness, and personality are qualities that trigger social sharing. Google loves websites that are popular on social platforms, ranking higher the pages to which more posts on social media point to.

As a digital marketer, remember that audiences are dispersed across multiple channels and platforms. Maximize value for your brand by generating quality content and engaging with consumers effectively across multiple channels.

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Social Media Marketing Fire

I enjoy watching business documentaries. Since you are strongly connected with a business, you probably enjoy them, too. I learn a lot from them and I have discovered that all those success stories have one thing in common: they all evolve around the classic business model on how to outsell your competition.

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Relationship Marketing and Social Media

According to Wikipedia and Len Barry who coined the term, “relationship marketing is a form of marketing which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on point-of-sale transactions.”

Products themselves would seldom retain, satisfy, and turn customers into raving fans. Many businesses learned this the hard way during the troubled economic times we face. The most successful businesses over the last few years were those who were able to develop long lasting, meaningful relationships with their customers. There is no better set of tools to help you accomplish that than social media.

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